Homeschool Science Colorado

Bringing Homeschool and Science Together

Our Story

Homeschool Science Colorado (HSC) is a homeschool group organized to participate in Science Olympiad. Founded in the fall of 2008 and based in Colorado Springs, Homeschool Science Colorado has built a reputation as a top competitor while emphasizing teamwork and integrity. HSC teams have consistently been one of the top teams in the state in both the middle school and high school divisions.

Our Mission

To provide participants, coaches, and parents with a positive learning experience in the fields of science and to compete with excellence, character, and integrity.​

Our Teams

Science Olympiad has two competitive levels: Division B for 6-9th graders, and Division C for 9-12th graders. We currently have two core teams, one in each division: B1 and C1, which are teams that require a high level of commitment from the students and their families. These teams consistently place among the highest rankings at the state level. If interest and numbers allow, each year we evaluate the option of additional teams. These teams are based on interest level and are less competitive than our core teams.

Our Classes

Homeschool Science Colorado offers STEM classes for younger students as well. These classes are typically held three times a month during team meetings and cover a wide variety of science topics. Two different classes are available: one for kindergarten through 3rd grade and another for 4th grade to 6th grade.

2020-2021 SO Season Update

Due to the COVID 19 crisis, the 2020 state and national tournaments were cancelled. Because of this cancellation, the Science Olympiad national committee made the decision to repeat the 2019-2020 season in 2020-2021 keeping the same events and the same rules with only minor modifications. At this time we are building our team for 2020-2021 with the hope that the season will proceed as normal although there is still a good deal of uncertainty given the many questions that surround the upcoming school year. We have space for new students on all of our teams – C team (highschool), B team (middle school) and JVB (middle school – less competitive). If you are interested in having your student join the Homeschool Science Colorado team, please complete the team application or contact us for more information. With regard to our STEM classes this year, only younger siblings of team members will be admitted.